The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has rebuffed Ludhiana Municipal Corporation's proposal to install advertisements on highway pillars. The decision comes amidst concerns over safety and aesthetics along the city's highways. Ludhiana MC had sought permission to erect advertisements on NHAI-owned pillars along the Ludhiana-Delhi national highway stretch, aiming to generate revenue. However, NHAI has cited safety hazards and visual clutter as primary reasons for rejecting the proposal.

NHAI's refusal underscores the agency's commitment to maintaining safety standards on India's highways. By declining the proposal, NHAI aims to prevent distractions to motorists and ensure uninterrupted traffic flow. Additionally, the move aligns with NHAI's efforts to preserve the aesthetic appeal of national highways, enhancing their visual appeal for commuters and tourists alike.

The rejection of Ludhiana MC's proposal signals a setback for the corporation's revenue generation plans. With the inability to utilise highway pillars for advertising, Ludhiana MC may need to explore alternative avenues for augmenting its financial resources. This decision also highlights the importance of collaboration and adherence to regulations between municipal bodies and national infrastructure authorities.