The commencement of work on the 570-metre-long flyover at Valluvar Kottam is imminent, as tenders for the project have been floated by the Greater Chennai Corporation. It was announced that the work, which is slated to commence by June, is anticipated to be concluded in approximately two years.

It was disclosed that the project, valued at Rs 640.5 million, which had faced delays of about two years owing to issues related to land acquisition, received approval a week ago, as nearly all stakeholders consented to sell their properties to the Greater Chennai Corporation.

According to S Rajendiran, the Chief Engineer of GCC, the concrete flyover will encompass four lanes and will span 14 metres in width. Its initiation point will be at Palmgrove Hotel, terminating near the potters' area on Kodambakkam high road. He mentioned that out of the required 10,000 square metres, 8,000 square metres comprise government land and 2,000 square metres are privately owned. "All private landowners have consented to sell the land at market price," he affirmed.

In addition to private properties, a temple encroachment obstructing the road will be dismantled for the project's execution. Presently, significant vehicular diversions are in place along the stretch due to metro rail construction. The segment of Kodambakkam High Road up to Valluvar Kottam junction and the Valluvar Kottam Road leading to Independence Day Park junction have been designated as one-way routes. The imminent commencement of flyover construction may exacerbate traffic congestion for residents.

"To mitigate the impact on traffic, we will commence construction of one section initially. Given the presence of a roundabout in the centre, we have ample space to work with. Ultimately, the flyover will alleviate congestion at the junction in all directions," stated Rajendiran.

The Greater Chennai Corporation has also unveiled the flyover's design and has projected that an average of 10,000 vehicles will traverse the stretch per hour. The project's duration is estimated to span 21 months. Officials have indicated that the selection of bidders will be finalised by June 12.

Residents have highlighted that vehicles from T Nagar, Kodambakkam, and Nungambakkam converge at Valluvar Kottam junction. "The work must proceed swiftly. Additionally, the diversions should be adequately publicized in advance," remarked K Krishnan of T Nagar.