Amid Mumbai's perennial battle against potholes and road cracks, a promising solution emerges from the corridors of IIT Bombay. The premier institute proposes utilising concrete polymer for swift and durable road repairs.

This innovative approach, if adopted by the BMC, could revolutionise the city's infrastructure maintenance. Pioneered by Prof. Rishabh Jain and his team at IIT-B's Department of Civil Engineering, the concrete polymer promises a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional repair methods.

By combining concrete with polymers, the material becomes more resilient, reducing the likelihood of recurring potholes and cracks. The proposed solution aims not only to address existing road issues but also to prevent future deterioration, offering long-term benefits to commuters and authorities alike.

Embracing such innovative methodologies could potentially transform Mumbai's road maintenance landscape, ushering in an era of smoother, safer journeys for its residents.