Residents of Kalunga Panchayat near Rourkela can finally expect some relief from their traffic woes. The long-awaited Road Over Bridge (ROB) project in the IDCO area is nearing completion and is expected to be operational by the end of 2024. This bridge, being built over Level Crossing No. 213 on the busy Howrah-Mumbai railway line, is crucial for both local residents and the industries operating in Kalunga under Lathikata block. Previously, a damaged road with heavy truck traffic made commuting a nightmare.

After a delay of nearly 12 years, construction of the ROB finally began in May 2022. The project, estimated at Rs 430 million, is being jointly funded and executed by the state government, the South Eastern Railway (SER), and the Works Department. The bridge itself is a substantial structure, stretching 780 meters and comprised of 15 slabs. Thankfully, pillar construction is already complete.

"The project is on track for completion by the end of this year," confirms A. Jena, SDO, Public 1Works Department.

Adding to the good news, a four-lane road project is also underway to connect the new ROB to the IDCO area. This 3.5-km road, funded by the Sundargarh District Mineral Foundation (DMF) and executed by the Public Works Department, has an estimated cost of Rs 200 million.

Jena informs that utility relocation is currently underway, after which road construction will proceed swiftly. The road construction is expected to be completed by November, taking just three to four months. Once finished, the four-lane road will provide a vital connection to the ROB, significantly improving overall connectivity in the region.

(Source: The New Indian Express)