The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is gearing up to offer 12 Toll-Operate-Transfer (TOT) bundles this year, aiming to enhance its asset monetisation strategy. These bundles, totalling hundreds of kilometres of national highways, will invite private sector participation to operate and maintain these road stretches.

The TOT model has proven effective in unlocking significant value from India's road infrastructure, providing NHAI with necessary funds to reinvest in further development. Recent TOT awards, including bundles 11 and 12, secured Rs 6,584 crore, covering key stretches like the Allahabad Bypass and the Lalitpur-Sagar-Lakhnadon route. Additionally, bundles 13 and 14, awarded for Rs 9,384 crore, include the Delhi-Meerut Expressway and the Kota Bypass, among others.

The concession periods for these bundles span 20 years, during which concessionaires are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the highways while collecting tolls. This initiative not only boosts infrastructure development but also encourages private investment in the sector, reflecting NHAI's commitment to building a robust and efficient national highway network.

NHAI's approach aligns with the broader goal of developing a world-class highway system in India, ensuring sustainable and high-quality road connectivity. This model not only accelerates infrastructure growth but also leverages private expertise and capital, demonstrating a successful public-private partnership framework.